We are all experiencing a truly unprecedented situation. The coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic in its second phase is affecting every aspect of our lives. As a global enterprise software company, we are no different and we are waking up every day to new information about how COVID-19 is affecting our employees and our customers. As we brace up to the looming risks of a more virulent Covid wave, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to support our customers around the world.

Caliber is taking all measures to maintain a continuous state of operational readiness and is working across teams and time zones to ensure that our core functions are working fine. Our focus is on keeping our employees safe and maintaining our business continuity so that we can help you keep yours. We are also taking all measures to keep backup options in place for any effect the rising cases in the team may have. We will ensure that any tickets raised by you are routed to an associate who can help in resolving it.

While our employees are empowered with digital tools to continue to support you, collaborate and support one another, and engage with our customers to drive the best outcomes possible, there could be short term delays anticipated in situations where any team member gets infected by Covid. We will try our best to ensure that these are short term delays only and that there will be minimum impacts or disruption to your strategic objectives. We request your flexibility, understanding ,and empathy during this crisis.

Our customers have always been at the heart of our company and we’re grateful to you and your ongoing trust.


Thanking you,

Sekhar Surabhi

President & CEO